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Welcome to Serein Mediation Center.

Serein Mediation center is an established mediation organization based in Kenya, we offer a comprehensive 50-hour Mediation Training and accreditation.

Mediation is an informal and non-adversarial process where an impartial mediator encourages and facilitates resolution of a dispute between two or more parties. Serein Mediation Centre is one of the institutions accredited by the Mediation Accreditation Committee (MAC) to offer mediation services to individuals, families, communities and also courts through Court Annexed Mediation.

What we do.

This training is drawn out to give a concrete understanding for aspiring medaitors and build their skills and knowledge to practice in the field of mediation. It is designed for professional, leaders, business people and all individuals who are interested in offering mediation services within and outside the legal spectrum

Commercial Mediation

Our goal is to get parties back to business. In addition to the SMC’s Commercial Arbitration Rules, we offer specialized rules and supplements tailored for specific types of business disputes.



The SMC administers employment arbitrations pursuant to the due process standards contained in the SMC’s Employment Due Process Protocol and the SMC’s Employment Arbitration Rules.



The SMC provides for fair administration of consumer disputes



Family law disputes are challenging and stressful. Resolving such matters at SMC can reduce stress and allow families to move on with their lives without unnecessary delays.



The depth of intellectual property (IP) dispute resolution experience at SMC is unmatched by any other ADR provider. The SMC Intellectual Property Practice Group includes retired federal judges from notable IP venues as well as retired state and appellate court judges and attorney-neutrals who specialize in high-stakes intellectual property litigation.

Intellectual Property.


Our experienced panel practiced insurance law at the highest levels, and are experts at resolving insurance disputes in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, securities and financial service, energy, construction, maritime, higher education, retail, sports and entertainment, environmental, real estate, health care, and many others.




Mediators who are successfully accredited by the Judiciary enjoy the following post-accreditation opportunities.

  • Continuous Professional Development sessions with the aim of ensuring continuous improvement of skills
  • Accredited mediators may apply to join the Mediation Accreditation Committee's list of accredited mediators and may also apply to join organizations that maintain a Panel of Medaitors
  • All accredited individuals will join the Serein List of Mediators
  • Accredited individuals may also practice their skills within their workplace or establish private practice with SMC providing all the necessary professional support.
  • Serein has also been approved as a Center by the International Examination Body ALISON to offer Diploma Courses for mediation/ADR

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